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Health Care


Facing the enormous technical progress and in light of the increasing market globalisation healthcare is becoming an increasingly important topic. This legal field is particularly characterized by complexity, dynamic and sensibility. Without the required expertise legal questions deriving from complex medical, biological, chemical and technical issues can’t be solved properly. Furthermore healthcare constitutes an interdisciplinary field of law not limited to certain areas of law.

IPJ combines years of experience in the field of healthcare with Sound interdisciplinary knowledge. Particularly within the medical imaging industry (MRI, CT, Ultrasound, contrast agents) IPJ is working hand-in-hand with leading experts from Europe (with a special focus on Switzerland, Germany and Austria).

I  examining data protection issues within the healthcare field
I  organising, analysing and implementing compliance structures in the healthcare field

I  drafting and analysing distribution strategies, distribution agreements, sales agreements and license agreements
I  registration, import, export and distribution of medical devices, pharmaceuticals and dietary foods
I  advising on pharmaceutical issues

I  advising on product authentication and product information
I  analysing marketing campaigns and advertising measures
I  advising on best trademark filing strategy
I  trademark filing and registration of Austrian trademarks, community trademarks, international registrations and industrial designs
I  analysing competing products and competing Advertising campaigns in light of Pharmaceutical Law and Unfair Competition Law

I  advising in the field of anti-corruption law within the health care sector